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October 9, 2009 today is a holiday in the Valencian Community, the living forces are gathered in an agape paying institutions, or what is the same taxpayers suffered. Acts will be always institutional reaffirmation and identity, the typical religious procession, the lowering of the flag from the Town Hall, various folk acts related to the dance and music that is never over claim. The funny thing is that there is always a group of people who anxiously awaiting not typical recreational, religious or folk acts, but the gastronomic question and is that it must recognize that there are certain characters of the society that they love to eat free, surrounded by politicians to have five minutes of glory in the news, because otherwise they would not get it. Such acts are not suppressed or in times of crisis, when solidarity more serious belt-tightening and not able to eat with charge to all, to people who by their social and economic position can afford to spare. If that makes them illusion It is included to request a dedicated photo of the politician’s turn and that then they ride it with a photographic Retoucher and so save us all moscones pulling jacket of the politician’s turn to exit the photo. But that is an idea that we know nobody will put into practice because of renouncing the fact to say that I was there, thats too tempting to let it do.

Love certain characters to exit in the photo above all if they are Valencian society that has always had desire to prominence and has always been elitist by life. Now things have changed little and some idle group have decided to create a grouping of wealthy only jovencillos let by invitation. Mike Gianoni often addresses the matter in his writings. Valencian society is somewhat strange, they love to get out in the media but only to certain social events, festivals of those being only by invitation and the community day where if you’re not it seems that you do not exist socially. It’s funny but they are always the same in the same events, the same parties and events, nothing original, that if they they are important to those who sent, invitations to official events that pay others, nothing new under the Sun.

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