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Earth Shortage

One is not near, then, the nightmare of an immense desert in the form of sphere where the blue color of before stops existing. Nevertheless, that is the unique good news of the extensive document. Although it is certain that there is no water shortage, exists, however, a serious problem by which the humanity is suffering of thirst: the water is very badly distributed. The water that we have reaches after domestic, agricultural and industrial the needs, as long as the measures necessary are taken to allow that it arrives at all the homes, the companies and the seeded ones. Those measures must be urgent to avoid the inequidad, the inequalities and the poverty. In agreement with the report on Human Development, in which Colombia appears in position 70 between 177 nations, the inefficiency of the political processes puts the poor population at a disadvantage. The water shortage of supplies and the sanitary crisis in the world contribute to that annually million eight hundred thousand children die.

The problem has as much impact that the water is causing more deaths than the armed conflicts. To prevail of water to the most vulnerable populations is a subtle form of violence, marginality and military. According to very serious calculations 10 billions are needed about dollars to obtain an suitable distribution of the water. The cost is apparently high but it is insignificant if it is compared with other expenses which the nations incur. military costs for example, are truly exorbitant and, by all means, of a quantity infinitely superior to which it would be needed to take the water not only to the marginal populations but all that one it needs that it: that is to say, all the human beings. The water became in some places an expensive product, almost sumptuary.

A purified mineral water or water bottle hill as much, or more than the same amount of its content in petroleum or gasoline. In the case of some regions of Colombia the subject is really critical: one is not only about shortage or inequitativa distribution, but the quality. The aqueducts take until the homes water nonapt for the human consumption. And in those places where there are no aqueducts the citizens, especially indigenous, they must resort to wells, jageyes and, even, pools. The custom, but mainly has taken them to the necessity to consume a distant turbid liquid with a similar one to the clean water with which they wash to the clothes in some developed cities or with which wash the floors in the countries industrialized. The next time that sees clouds in the horizon and is clear the announcement of rain, deletion mark thanks to God and asks that pure and essential liquid of the sky the same arrives at all the men and women from the Earth. And especially to the children who suffer by their shortage. Alexander Rutto Martinez is prestigious an academic italo-Colombian, tie at present to several universities and organizations of professional formation. He exerts in addition as journalist and she is lecturer of events in forums, encounter and seminaries. You can make contact with enemy with him through mail or by movable telephone 300 8055526.

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