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Butterfly Reports

I have already said many times, the affiliate world has just begun, and that give a link to your affiliates and ready, is just the beginning. If you’re that – part of your business – earn with your affiliates I suggest more currar (work it more). Surely you quejaras that one or very few members yours get you sales and others nothing okay, so does that not put it be easier? The other day I was in the supermarket and saw packets of salads and ready meals. I was wondering why there are people buying it being expensive, rather than prepare you it yourself. The reason? because it is very easy to start to eat, you don’t have to Cook, you don’t have to invest time, and only need a microwave.

I.e., you change your time and your dedication for money (you pay more). Do the same, leaves very easy material to your affiliates to sell more easily. A good idea: creates PDFs interesting content, and, instead of or in addition to and deliver it to your affiliates. What you have to do is the PDF to create dynamically with the url of the affiliate, but beware, we are going to do well: the text of the PDF should contain the normal url or a regular text (click here) and the link, than that of the affiliate, (do you already know, the ugly: .com/aff? do 235?) This is an idea that some Americans (who were those who invented all this affiliate) are already doing it with much success, Butterfly Reports are an example of those who know much, they focus on the viral marketing of the same style. After all this, the next step is to create dynamic videos (for each affiliate’s url).

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