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Client Wishes

Signs of "Problems": – client's words contain a current or anticipated negative attitude, dislike of the current or future situation. – It does not contain any client wishes words: want, need, etc. I would like to For example: I'm afraid not time to complete the project on time. I'm constantly yelling at the child. How to recognize a solution? The solution – a means of neutralizing or eliminating something not desirable. If you've been listening to the customer, you will hear that the majority of describe the proposed solutions (often in the form of metaphors, "to rebuild, destroy, raise, etc.") as the client wishes to change the problem.

That is, the customer presents coach acceptable to him means of solving problems, for example: I I would like to remove my fear of public speaking. I want to get rid of (work through the fear) fear of public speaking. In recognition is important to understand that the decision – it's a plan, a set of desired actions to weakening or eliminating the problem. The decision will only be a pointer to the direction as long as not met in reality. Signs of "Solutions": actions have not yet committed; client's words contain (as part of information) a description of the problem. At this stage, an element of the "Resolution" attracts and contains particles of both elements of the "problem" and "result, the client contains the word desire to the problem has been corrected or reduced. In a speech to the client there are words of desire: I want to, I would like to …

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