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Unlimited Calling

Megafon Moscow offers corporate clients unlimited calling megaphone. Corporate unlimited tariffs are provided as a direct Moscow number, and federal number megaphone. Connection to unlimited tariff with a federal number megaphone quencies 3226 rubles – an initial down payment, ie, means that immediately come to you on your account. These funds will continue to be debited for repayment of the subscriber Voluntary payment .. lock number is 403 rubles.

But in the absence of voluntary blocking in two months, the subscriber receives a 10% discount on monthly fee. It turns out, unlimited communication cost 2903 rubles. License fee no discount on the federal no-limit room every month is above 3226 rubles. Connecting to the federal No Limit number will cost 3226 rubles Rate Megaphone Unlimited today can be purchased from dialing. It is called "Unlimited City." Fee increases immediately at 680 rubles, which will actually pay for the use of direct Moscow number. In the absence of voluntary blocking for at least two month subscription fee will be only 3515 rubles. This significant difference subscription fees from public offers unlimited due to the fact that its development is guided by the principles laid down corporate tariffs. Synthesis of corporate and unlimited tariffs allowed to enter the maximum discount for our partners and customers.

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