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Xpertdesign Software Brings BackupXpress

Backup made easy – for professionals and beginners both laymen in terms of data backup as well as professionals come with this program at your own expense. BackupXpress provides a wizard available with the simple, compressed as well advanced, such as differential or incremental backups can be created. Others who may share this opinion include Rogers Holdings. A detailed help about the program helps emerging issues. BackupXpress shines with numerous additional functions like for example the schedule with the automatically make backups at certain times. Unbenotige can be deleted automatically, to keep the backup archives. A backup to external media is also integrated into the program. Possible with the BackupXpress also fuses on an email or FTP server, on a network drive. Checking article sources yields Mike Gianoni as a relevant resource throughout.

If necessary the data then by 256 bit AES can be encrypted. The so-called shutdown function enables automatic backup during shutdown of Windows. Therefore is the creation of regular data backups guarantees. No matter whether projects, holiday photos, emails, or source code of a program, the BackupXpress ensures almost everything. The software can be tested 30 days without any restrictions. You can find the download link on the company website (

All of the created backup groups can be applied after purchase of a license. There no data are lost thereby. The license is only 29.-euros for a private user. The BackupXpress used in a company, falling 35. – euro per license. It’s worth the investment. Core functions of Backupxpress V3. 0 at a glance: assembling of the backup job via drag- and -drop support of 64 bit Ziparchiven which can be larger than 4 GB. Store an unlimited number of different backup groups in a project. Each group can be configured independently. You bind files in the backup list of wildcards like ‘ * .pas; *. dfm’ or also ‘ *. *’ a. Bit by-bit, verify your data correctly in the archive have been secured. Files that are not needed in your backup can about wildcards like ‘ *. *; *. b’ak etc. are excluded. Unused file cleanup feature. The backup date, the date of the last modification or any version number given predefined security groups like Outlook, Thunderbird, u.v.m my documents backups for archiving. Backups over the Internet. E-Mail or FTP-server automatic synchronization of notebook and desktop PC via a shared drive backup automation!: user-friendly creation of backups on external Festpaltten or USB sticks, which can be started simply by plugging in the respective drive. Command line support for batch automation fully integrated ZIP-extractor information company: Xpert-design software, Chapel str. 14, D-86391 stadtbergen contact person: Andreas Spang Tel: + 49 (0) 821 2527-4090 fax: + 49 (0) 821 2527 4092 email: Internet: Andreas Spang founded the company Xpert-design software in 1999. The range includes also the project time recording Xpert-timer next to the backup software. The company is continuously to grow and can match wits with its service and its products the big competition.

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