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Work After Vacation

Since the Christmas holidays we have, as elsewhere in the corporate world, a short vacation, people are trying to relax on the full program. So here it is worth recalling that there is such thing as a 'dootpusknoy' and 'Posleotpusknoy' syndromes. So, a characteristic feature of 'dootpusknogo' syndrome is that the performance of a man two weeks before the holiday is 3 times greater than the same average annual performance. Following the same leave or extended holidays, and it should understand and take account of a top manager in the planning of work for eight days is not worth loading the hard work of subordinates. This so-called 'week of abstinence. " Since returning from holiday in people heart throbs of flirting, they are under the hypnotic influence of mountain or sea views. Especially in the first two days should be allowed to swing. Colleagues want to communicate among themselves, show pictures.

And the boss should not disturb them. After all, emotion just need to throw out. And already after two days, I advise to begin career with the most vile and difficult. And on the eighth day specialist has a better load the full program. As for employees, they would, I advised for a period of adjusting to work after long holidays as far as possible eliminate irritants that while on vacation relaxes. For example, television, internet. A week later a man enters into a rhythm.

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