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Wind Turbines

4th International Symposium of rotor blades of wind turbine / wind turbine rotor blades rotor blades are the heart of a wind turbine. You determine the maximum energy yield which can be withdrawn from the wind. Their full ability to function and fatigue safety must be guaranteed over a period of at least 20 years. Now, they are getting bigger even with the fast-developing market -, in particular with regard to the use of offshore. In the development of the design and the construction of rotor blades in response, a comprehensive knowledge of the specific fundamentals such as external and internal stresses, calculation methods and material properties is required. Durable construction and optimized production technologies are therefore also essential for long inspection intervals, such as new and new methods of condition monitoring as well as for the detection and elimination of errors.

Increasingly also new procedures to automated manufacturing in the spotlight back. Only the be to produce required number of pieces with corresponding quality in the future. “The 4th International Symposium of rotor blades of wind turbines / wind turbine rotor blades” in Essen House the technology gives a comprehensive overview of the topic for the entire lifetime of a rotor blade of the calculation methods and material parameters on the aerodynamics and optimised and automated manufacturing technologies to condition monitoring, maintenance and repair of damage. The parallel sessions on the second day, one dealing with manufacturing and automation of rotor blades and the other with the condition monitoring, the damage and the repair of rotor blades are new to the third edition of the Conference. Event date is the 19th 20.6.2012 in Essen. As in the previous year, the Haus der Technik expected again to 200 participants. Under the direction of Christoph Kensche (Momentive specialty chemicals GmbH) and Mr.

Dr. Trappe (Federal Institute for materials research and testing) refer to top-class specialists and connect the theoretical considerations with her many years of practical experience. The event is aimed at developers, designers, production engineers and technicians of the manufacturer, as well as at staff of operators, insurance companies, banks and experts.

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