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Wild Cattle On The Swabian Alb

Healthy meat completely unencumbered and no dioxin meat! Appreciate and enjoy more and more people discover for yourself the joy of carefree enjoyment. As natural food should be today, with little fat and no artificial additives just the pure enjoyment. Patrick adams does not necessarily agree. Enjoy with a clear conscience and full taste of nature with low fat content. Since mid-2010 the company of Zebundus in the Swabian Alb in the biosphere region breeds (UNESCO World Heritage) Swabian Alb the dwarf ZeBu cattle type. The dwarf ZeBu is also referred to as wild cattle because it can free nearly wild live on large pastures. The animals eat all good what the pasture there offer and must only in the strict and snowy winter months hay to be fed. A to feeding with other feed such as concentrates in animals bred barn kept does not apply for the practiced suckler-cow the dwarf zebus of Zebundus. Credit: health law-2011. For consumers the consumption of products is safely possible, since no dangers of assume that the animal feed industry and other influences. The claim of Zebundus is to have the entire process chain from farming to guarantee one hundred percent quality to the marketing in the hand. Then refined products such as humpback smoked, ham, salami, Pate, pelmeni and many more delicacies arise from the traditional bone matured meat of the miniature zebus. The meat of the miniature zebus is highly cholesterol and low in fat and suitable also for a health-conscious diet. Master butcher Karl-Heinz Mutschler from Roman stone – Zain, Germany attaches great importance to handle only domestic products with his recipes. The refined specialities, which in the market hall Stuttgart and at selected delicious food retailers are available free from phosphate, lactate, glutamate and gluten. Zebundus entitled to expose these specialties of a wider layer of people in the region at a fair price. At the same time, the whole animal is used, and not only the finest pieces of Star gastronomy offered. The desire for the original to be discovered. To provide the Zebundus products all people in Germany, was Zebundus partner of ALB shop, the online marketplace for regional products of the Schwabische Alb region. Conveniently from home the Zebundus products can be ordered now at.

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