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What Are Warts?

A wart is a harmless but infectious growth of the skin caused by a viral infection in the upper layer of the skin. The virus that causes warts belongs to the family of human papilloma virus (HPV). They are usually benign. Warts occur in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can appear anywhere on the body. These growths are found primarily in the hands and warts are known as common as those found in the feet are called plantar warts. A wart can be flat or smooth and appear as a bump with a rough surface. The dark spots may also appear in the center of the wart. Economic Cycles Research Institute describes an additional similar source.

Also appear in clusters or alone. Warts are unsightly and can often cause embarrassment if they are very apparent. Sometimes cause pain, especially when you put pressure on the wart. Warts tend to affect more children and young adults, but men and women of all ages develop them each year. There are different types of warts and these include: * Common warts Common warts appear more often on the backs of the hands, fingers and around nails. They look rough and blood vessels that grow in the wart look like black dots. These warts tend to appear where the skin has been broken, such as where they bite their nails. * Plantar warts (foot) Plantar warts (foot) are at the bottom of the foot (soles) and patches generally seem hard, thick skin with dark colored spots. They are extremely painful to walk and often feel as if I had rocks in his shoes.

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