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VPN Point

And finally, connect to the wi-fi network and establish VPN-connection to the server Esomo to create a second level of protection for wireless traffic. Then you can work safely in wi-fi networks and the Internet. Let's start. Step 1. Setting up the server Esomo First of all, will issue a permanent IP-address of your wireless access point to work on our network. To do this, add an access point to your static dhcp (the mac address of access point usually specified in the label on it). Apply the settings. Now add a wireless access point in a list of access points on the server Esomo and indicate to her the secret key (password).

This is necessary for secure connection between access point and Esomo. Apply the settings. To network users can surf the Internet, and Esomo account of their traffic, create a rate that determines the cost of 1 mb of traffic, or 1 minute internet connection. For this purpose, See 'Fees' add a new tariff, determine the cost of 1 mb of traffic, such as 1 ruble. As of this writing Esomo allow Internet access only to users who rate and funds individual account, go to 'Members' and then double-clicking on the user testuser give it a previously established rate and add to his account 500 rubles. On this server configuration Esomo completed. Leave the window open and Esomo arm go to the wireless access point. Step 2. Setting up a wireless access point can access the wireless network is possible only after successful authentication on the server Esomo, so in advance, you must configure wireless access point to work with a radius server.

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