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Such competitions are held not only for websites but also for blogs and feeds. For example, at the moment Postal Service Subscribe holding a contest 'Festival of Gold mailing list 2007'. Wonderful opportunity to raise the reputation of its distribution on the Internet. 6. The organization's own contest on the site. Try to organize your own contest on the site. If the original idea of the competition, it is possible to find a sponsor. 7. Using trafikovogo virus in the form of useful reports, books and programs. Your article, in fact, itself is a great trafikovym virus. If information content is original and quite helpful, there is a strong likelihood that your article will be published on other websites without your knowledge. Web-masters are always in search of efficiency and quality material. Do not forget to leave at the end of his article details and a link to the site. Other types of trafikovogo virus include free e-book or a useful report. Costs only run once this virus is the result of a long time will not keep waiting. Do more with your own virus. 8. Affiliate Program. Affiliate Program as well relate to viral marketing. If you are promoting through the internet any product or service you can install on your site a special script affiliate program. In this case, your traffic is running other web-masters, who have registered in your affiliate program and are interested in promoting a product for sales commission. 9. Participate in discussions on the forums. Once or twice a week, jog the best-known Russian-language forums, answer questions from the debate (of course if you are into this issue) Voice your opinion or give useful advice. You can leave a link to your resource in your signature. 10. Using the site answering machine. All your efforts come to naught without this tool. The main task Internet entrepreneur, is the collection of contact with visitors. Traffic to your site, it's another half of the case. We should also try to obtain the name and email address of your visitor! The more your subscription list, the more profit you get. Use in their work smart autoresponder. Your subscribers, so will be your target visitors 🙂 Which is preferable? Think we should use all methods of site promotion and also does not forget about search engines and paid advertising services! Attention! Each method described in this article requires special knowledge and skills. To avoid misunderstanding, we must find additional information on each referred to in become a method of promotion of your site! All you best and success in business!

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