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Venezuelan Reality

No one tests the depth of the River with both feet. Venezuela currently manifesta scenario turbolento, which cannot be ignored, especially by its citizens who are facing and that has given way to an instability, insecurity, risk in the economic, political, social which requires actions, programs, well defined plans on the part of the current revolutionary Government under the management of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, who has been proposed as already thing is doinginstituting the socialism of the 21st century. This undoubtedly has caused serious problems in the population that was not prepared to face this change that you want to instituting, in where its inhabitants were accustomed to live together within a capitalist political climate, lberario, with traditional political parties as Accion Democratica, Copei and without fears of intervention by the State in a manner so tax as at present. All this change that is is giving step has given facts, plans, actions, strategies that have significantly affected the economic activity, productive, social and cultural policy that can not be ignored. Notes: For every 100 dollars exported last year, 93 came from hydrocarbons electricity crisis arises as a consequence of the lack of maintenance of the facilities of production and distribution, but also by the absence of investment in 29 thermoelectric plants required to cope with the increase in service, of which 5 have been completed and only operate 3 with part of their capacity. Also he has been abandoned plant Centre and 4 high Caroni dams were never built. Devaluation affects through inflation, to favor the sector financial and transnational and inevitably lowers the wage real workers the minimum wage lost 62.3% with the collapse of the Bolivar, since 55% of goods and services are purchased with the so-called oil dollar (the Bolivar to 4.30 by the American currency). The Central Bank does not plan to change the system of bands you would change, which allows the Bolivar fluctuation up in 7.5% above and below the central parity, which is depreciated 1.28% per month.

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