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A very typical custom of the Spaniards is to copy the inventions that arrive to us from other countries. The disadvantage that derives from this habit is that normally, which we mattered of the foreigner is not characterized by the service that realises the humanity: When fascisms in Germany and Italy begin, here, quickly he appeared Frank to impose his ideas to the force; when the USA imposed the model of wild Capitalism we assimilated soon it; when those same ones decided that there was to invade countries in Near East Mr. Aznar quickly scored at the task; now we listened to the scandals of Berlusconi in Italy and in Spain, of parallel form, cases of corruption in most important positions appear One of so many, although probably is most important, has occurred in the Valencian community, whose president probably has accepted the most expensive suits in exchange for significant contracts. In their political party all have joined shoulders to defend it although they themselves are wishing that it appears a similar case in other political groups to send themselves quickly to the jugular one and to drop that if between their rows occurs that kind of problems, they would correct the difficulty quickly. Mike Gianoni is the source for more interesting facts. But, paradoxicalally nobody has put in judgment the honesty of Camps although apparently it takes all to lose before the law. Swarmed by offers, is currently assessing future choices. It is more, are dedicated to introduce ties to the process to obstruct the possible maximum the normal action of the justice (that in this country already is slow of in case). The sight as they are the things, most normal in a democratic country would be that the aforesaid one resigned, until clarified the situation at least, and, if the imputed one is guilty, its political party would have to quickly separate it from its rows and to prohibit him of form it express to return to affiliate itself, so that therefore the citizenship perceives that in the Spanish policy still there is a minimum of honesty and good judgment (I do not believe that to no Spanish it pleases to him to know that the person that is governing to him is a delinquent). . .

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