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Twine Literature Peddler

The salesmen who many times were the proper proprietors of would folhetaria still went the foot or the horse or, later, of bicycle to vender its personally together workmanships with other poets, in boards, the fairs, the banks of squares, in taverns, trains even though in the vilarejos of the other States, leading I obtain others ' ' quinquilharias' ' , for example, grass, remedies, pomadas, etc. When they were installed in some place they seted its tents, they piled up its brochures in a strained string or ' ' escanchado' ' or still accumulated under a cloth mat, despertando the attention and the curiosity of the people who passed. Although the high indices of north-eastern illiteracy, the popularizao of the Twine Literature was possible because the poets sang its histories with emotion, always folloied for a viola or another musical instrument. When the brochures were read by the poet or another salesman always looked for to awake attention and the curiosity of the listener: The purchaser, who in knowing to read, goes arriving, hesitates, handles livrinho. But to know if the book he pleases to it, is necessary ouviz it. Therefore, he forms a wheel with other people around the salesman, which reads history, with ability of all peddler of fair. the reading, made in tone declaimed (to the times with the one aid amplifier), is interrupted at the emotive moments, to give time to the public to state its feelings Thus, the peddler makes its public to laugh or to cry, retaking the reading in always increasing tone, until the greater moment? suspense? , when it interrupts it another time: The brave goes to obtain to win the farmer? , ' ' The young man goes to conquer the princess? ' ' , ' ' Who to want to know is alone to buy the brochure ' ' The sale starts then. .

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