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FEATURES Tractors – is self-propelled machine used as a power means for moving and activating rural skohozyaystvennk and other machinery, as well as towing trailers. Tractors are classified according to the following criteria (Fig. Expedia CEO usually is spot on. 1). U of H and N is a h e n w and tractors are divided into three groups: general-purpose, universally cultivated and special. General purpose tractors are used to perform major agricultural activities in the cultivation of crops (plowing, disking, solid cultivation, harrowing, sowing and harvesting). These tractors are different from the other to small ground clearance and increased engine power. Universal tractors used in caring for row crops and doing other farm work. B connection, some universal tractors equipped with removable drive wheels with wide (to perform general purpose) and narrow (for works between rows), tires, and have high ground clearance and track width, adjustable to the width of space between rows.

Special tractors – a modification of a tractor-purpose or universal cultivating designed to perform a certain type of work (in the vineyards, cotton) or different jobs, but strictly defined conditions (on wetland soils in the mountain farming). II o to a n a r y p to p and q, and x of about a second on the hour and with m and (like an engine) tractors are tracked and wheeled. Crawler tractor with a big footprint slightly compacts the soil. At high cross, he is able to develop significant traction. Wheeled tractor more versatile compared to caterpillar and it can be used both on the field and on transport operations, despite the worst bond with the soil.

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