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In today's incredibly fast-paced and voyazhiruyuschem in short and not very edge of the world a region that has not yet been completely filled in: this area is to develop software systems that serve way interaction between all participants in the tourist process. Since everything: traveling and agencies, and Internet users are interested in the connections between them, it is reasonable to review online resources provide such services. Curious, where we can find sites offering similar services, we have tested many web-sites, aimed at cooperation with travel agencies, travel agencies, travel agencies and advertisers to connect them into a network and make it easier to thereby target the activities of all stakeholders. And we found that at a large set of social communities that grow like mushrooms in tourist region an adequate response, in general, no. Nevertheless, we still got to find a number of tourist web-resources, which demonstrated their proposals. A fitting example of such web-resources and most non-standard variant of tourism cooperation we found the company "VyuTur." Most of its developments, it is in the tourist portals, but also works with prints of media.

But the main thing on their website – is a robust search and booking of tours, which allows the user to quickly and easily, without leaving the computer to pick up tour of the popular and proven operators, taking into account all necessary for the client, satisfy the most sophisticated needs of experienced and not so travelers. Such a system is, of course, will appreciate the three major players: operators, travel agencies and users (namely – the consumers of tourism services). For tour operators the company has a mechanism of placing its software, free accommodation advertising products in a huge social community travel, automatically publish advertisements about the proposals in the announcements on the pages of many sites the company, as well as an excellent system of ratings and travel Statistics and unparalleled opportunity to publish their free tours at the base of the agency. Agents are encouraged to use them in various activities of a workstation, and excellent Free modules: the search for the travel website, travel information, latest offerings and guaranteed tours from tour operators. Travel agencies can also: best to minimize the cost of hours and minutes, if we use a specially developed system of search and booking of tours, as sales pick up, taking advantage of free advertising using published contact details of companies in directory of travel companies, use the convenient search tours reservation system, with new rounds of leading operators, to use statistical data, which allows you to analyze the pricing and tour operators work in all directions. Tourists travel information resource offers extensive search engine tours, and information resources to cities and hotels, professional assistance of consultants, but also provides an opportunity to show the participants travel community with free advertising.

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