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It observes its affirmation: ' ' It has smiles that they disassemble a man surrounded of iluso' '. Its solitude now was accompanying of the souvenir of the smile of a young woman, but exactly thus he continued solitary. It was a solitude that it insisted on if firming exactly ahead of other company, it if it only felt being folloied of some people. This contradicts the premise of that to be solitary is to be alone. 3 – ABREU VERSUS BRIDGES: SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES After analyzing the workmanships of Abreu (2005) and Bridges (2008) are arrived the hour to identify to similarities and divergences between both.

We know that it has the subject in common solitude that is thematic the boarded one in two analyzed stories. But it is interesting also to look for to unmask where these differences inhabit and which are they. In ' ' For the Ticket of a Great Dor' ' the author approached the solitude in its urban, melancholic and entediante aspect. The personage lived in some point of the city and had the solitude as its friend. In this case the solitude existed as synonymous to be alone. To alliviate to its solitude the personage it used the drugs and the cigarette as escapism for its tdio. The melancholy of its house demonstrated that its life was empty of direction.

The young woman bound who it was from fear an ambient catastrophe, thing that also its solitary state evidenced, melancholic. In the current society some fears inhabit the human interior, between them the fear of the solitude are a great enemy of whom they possess a weak spirit. On this CHALITA (2009, p.90) it affirms: It has fears that they investigate in them for ruelas aged saying cursed of them, precipitation fruits, and is therefore that we need a north. It urges that let us have a north! It is this that makes with you distress that them daily have a direction.

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