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The Onset Of Winter In Germany – Hand Tools For The Winter Service Overview

Handheld devices such as motor – snow removal and winter service StreugutBoxen for the professional winter service, a sales agent for the coming winter! The first night Frost arrives in Germany and also the first snowfalls announce themselves in the shallower regions. Now large amounts of snow can interfere with the infrastructure here, because a snow-covered road for people and vehicles is fast becoming a problem. For companies, is also about the business – if neither customers nor employees can reach the company, can quickly lead to threatening losses in revenues and profits. In the gastronomy and hotel business, a free access for visitors, guests, employees and suppliers is absolutely necessary. Especially with larger amounts of snow is a simple spreading or snow shovels not result in more objective and better tools have to be taken for the winter service. If forklift, front loader, etc, can be normally through the appropriate attachments (such as Stapler-Schneeschieber, forklift truck – Snowplow, growing brush for forklift or stray attachments) converted to the ideal professional winter service equipment.

But what hotel has been a front loader or forklift to the hand? Probably the least and so hand tools for the professional service of winter are a good alternative, can be resorted to. A snow blower is one of the best assistive devices for the winter maintenance services and without vehicle can be used. With a snow thrower also large amounts of snow can be moved with relatively little effort and large areas can be made accessible with a snow thrower passable and for passers-by. Most, a manual snow thrower is also a Sweeper, so that two steps in one can be done. The various snow blowers differ in the strength of the engine, clearing width of blade width or also the maximum ceiling height and throwing distance. The premium versions of the hand snow throwers have a snow clearing width of 100 cm and a maximum snow space height of 55 cm – so that even large amounts of snow are no problem.

The right hand spreaders ensure that the areas liberated from the snow remain long term free of snow, the carts scattered generously spread salt, sand or other blockage. The use of hand – scattering car is it extremely simple and the various winter service spreaders differ primarily in the reservoir capacity of the bin for blockage and in the maximum spreading width, starting at hand – scattering with a tank volume of 20 l-60 l and a spreading width of up to 5 m. At hand to have always enough grit, the blockage must be stored correctly. Grit boxes are probate means here. The winter service grit containers are sturdily built, so the grit bins also against vandalism are protected. The grit containers differ in volume (there are winter service grit bins up to 2200 l with a volume of 100 l) and the Eject hole. A grit bin has an opening, the blockage can be removed also comfortably, without having to open the blockage box extra. The winter service pro shop has a wide range of handsets for the professional winter service. Snow throwers, as well as scattering and grit box many different variants in the range are available. Exactly the right handset for the winter service can be found with extensive consultation of the winter service of professional shops. Contact: winter service professional shop Dennis Darling Nina angle Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.

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