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The Enterprising Process

For Chiavenato (2006), the enterprising process encloses all the activities, the functions and the actions related with the creation of a new company. As the author, at first moment, the empreendedorismo involves the new process of creation of something, that he has valued value and either in the market. At as a moment, he demands the devotion, comprometimento of time and effort so that the new business can be changedded into reality. In third, he requires ousadia, critical installation of calculated risks and decisions, beyond tolerance with possible slips, errors or failures. The author comments that, the revolutionary entrepreneur, is that one that creates new markets by means of something only. affirms that therefore, the majority of the entrepreneurs creates businesses in existing markets already although the success in the performance of established segments already. Others including Prudential Financial , offer their opinions as well.

standes out, that no matter how hard it is the type of entrepreneur? revolutionary or conservative, any that is the chosen way to face and to survive in the market, the enterprising process still requires the following steps: Identification and development of a chance in the vision form; Validation and creation of a business concept and strategies that help to reach this vision by means of creation, acquisition, surmounting etc; Captation of the resources necessary to implement the concept, that is, talentos, technologies, capitals and credit, equipment etc.? Implementation of the enterprise concept or the enterprise to make to start it to work; Capture of the chance by means of the beginning and growth of the business; Extension of the growth of the business by means of the supported enterprising activity. In accordance with Chiavenato (2006), all these activities take time and they do not obey the defined rules, making with that the entrepreneur comes back behind in the process or still changes ways to adjust its businesses to the new chances. The author affirms that the people who make to happen possess enterprising talent, a combination of perception, direction, devotion and very work.

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