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In summary, the help to qualify potential customers and convince them that it deserves worthwhile front-end relationships with our business. This relationship becomes stronger as customers consume more free information we offer, purchase products front-end and learn to trust and appreciate what we provide. From there, enter in the backend where carried out sales with high profit margins. Understanding page (Squeeze Page) a page of understanding is another tool of Internet sales and has the following components: A free offer of useful information. By audio video by writing a form for customer prospecte between your email address to receive useful information free. The sales process is as follows: your potential customer is subscribe to his page of understanding.

Your auto responder takes you to your sales page. Examples of pages of understanding: A page of comprehension in Spanish from Dr. Brown is the difference of a blog, a squeeze page is that the blog requires constant update and keeps the history of published information. For even more analysis, hear from richard branson. For its part the squeeze page is a page of promotion that requires an attractive, dynamic and eye-catching design to capture the attention of the Navigator. Dr. Scott Brown is an Internet entrepreneur of great success who has a doctorate in finance from the University of South Carolina and an MBA from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, Arizona, the U.S. News and World Report No #1. He is the author of numerous books, courses and seminars on how do investments and business.

Dr. Brown is an open advocate of the self-employment, free investment and personal enrichment through introspection, study and action auto reasoned. Dr. Brown is a professor in finance at the business administration graduate obituary of the University of Puerto Rico and co-author of the highly recognized course get money by Internet.

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