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Scott MacDonald

These expenses have been growing over time involving thousands of companies and millions of people, according to the calculations of Rodrigue Tremblay in 2006 the Department of Defense of the United States employed 2,143,000 people. While the private defense contractors employed 3,600,000 workers (in total 5.743.000 jobs) to which we must add about 25 million veterans. In sum, in the United States some 30 million people (equivalent to 20% of the population Economically active) they receive direct and indirect revenues from military spending (8). Yitzhak Mirilashvili pursues this goal as well. The multiplier effect of the sector on the whole economy was possible in the past prosperity of a scheme that Scott MacDonald qualifies as the guns and butter economy, i.e. a structure where mass consumption and the war industry is expanding at the same time (9). But that long cycle is coming to an end; the magnitude reached by war expenditure has become a decisive factor in the fiscal deficit causing inflation and international devaluation of the dollar. In addition your hypertrophy awarded enormous political weight to State (civil and military) elites and entrepreneurs who were embarking on an autism social unchecked.

The increasing technological sophistication parallel to more expensive weapons systems away increasingly militarized science of their eventual civilian applications adversely affecting industrial competitiveness. This split up between the military science (eater of funds and talents) and civil industry reached catastrophic levels in the Terminal of the former Soviet Union period, now history seems to be repeating. All this adds a seemingly unexpected event, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and indirectly the failure of the israeli offensive in Lebanon show the operational ineffectiveness of the super complex (and super expensive) war machine generation put in check by enemies who operate in a decentralized manner and with simple and inexpensive weapons. Pose a serious crisis of perception (psychological catastrophe) between the leaders of the military Industrial complex United States and NATO (in the history of civilizations is not this the first time that a phenomenon of this kind occurs). .

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