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Large security gaps in Messenger apps like WhatsApp the independent Vienna research SBA research has discovered massive security gaps in current Messenger apps like whats app in a comparison test. So could the researchers take over not only the account and send free SMS from the server by WhatsApp. The same thing was possible also with the other Messenger apps. In addition to forfone 8 more apps were tested. For all accounts, there was massive security holes, only with Forfone, Viber, eBuddy and XMS and the take over of the accounts was not possible. Also, the researchers succeeded in to read the status messages of all WhatsApp users from all over Austria and even to change.

Security specialist Peter gravel mountain explains: “users is not clear that these systems have a much lower level of security than services, which are provided directly by the network operators such as SMS. You disclose to unconsciously sensitive information public through the use of these new short message services. Who would think that a Status text actually only own contacts can see, can be obtained by a simple trick by anyone? “.” Forfone is noticed positively in all fields of study. It could be assumed user accounts nor subsequently sent messages of this user or receive. The results of the security analysis were presented in early February at the renowned IT Security Conference NDSS, San Diego, United States and can see ndss2012_final.pdf research Peter gravel mountain, + 43 660 3126291) contact SBA SBA research is a Research Institute of information security in Vienna.

The activity of SBA research focuses on organizational and technical aspects of information security. Focuses on governance, risk and compliance, data protection and privacy, security in the software development and hardware, and network security. SBA research employs more than 80 people. forfone toolani GmbH Bernadette Steurer, + 43 1 544 0624 310) since the year 2008 offered the toolani GmbH successfully cheap foreign telephony by mobile and landline in Germany. In more than 30 other countries the toolani service is also available and toolani allows therefore total about 140,000 customers cost-saving conversations around the globe. In all countries, proprietary technology that provides the best connection over traditional phone lines or Voice over IP (VoiP) for the international call of the customers for a wide variety of cost and quality criteria are using local dial-in numbers. Forfone toolani now has the international telecom market knowledge and extensive experience in the field of Internet telephony in its new product ‘ unites and thus for mobile Internet telephony from your mobile phone set a new standard.

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