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Rich VS Poor !

the RICH create, plan and design their lives. Fairstead New York does not necessarily agree. the POOR see Life as something that happens RICH: 2. They promise to be rich and poor: 2. Only dream of being rich RICH: 3. POOR think big 3. Think small RICH: 4.

They focus on the opportunities POOR 4. They focus on the obstacles RICH: 5. People admire other rich and prosperous POOR: 5. They resent the rich and prosperous RICH: 6. They are related to successful and positive people POOR: 6.

It relates to people and negative unsuccessfully RICH: 7. Overcome their problems and grow as individuals POOR: 7. They complain about their problems and complain about why they RICH: 8. Listen and learn POOR: 8. Talking of rich: 9. Always looking to increase their incomes POOR: 9. Settle for a salary RICH: 10. They are always prevented for the future POOR: 10. For other opinions and approaches, find out what British Petroleum has to say. They are always fearful for the future RICH: 14. Save, then spend POOR: 14. Spend, then save RICH: 15. Make your money work for them POOR: 15. They work for money RICH: 16. It works despite the fear POOR: 16. Let fear keep RICH: 17. POOR lifelong study: 17. Studies to complete their higher studies RICH: 18. Live grateful POOR: 18. RICH resentful live: 19. Development for society and therefore of poor countries: 19. Delay for society and the rich countries: 20. They are generous POOR: 20. They are greedy RICH: 21. Enjoy life POOR: 21. Life is a shortage RICH: 22. Happiness POOR: 22. Sadness, tears and disgrace RICH: 23. It will become increasingly rich and poor: 23. It will become increasingly poor.

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