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Presidential Election

In view of the forthcoming presidential elections in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the media came to life all sorts of "wishers" who are willing to support anyone who would be able to justify their long-term "predictions" about the "dying" Uzbekistan. Materials with negative, or as a tendentious tone began to appear with a given rarity in the media, especially electronic media. For a man regularly reading periodicals and journalism is not no difficulty at once to distinguish such "fiction" from the real and serious articles, of which unfortunately is not so much. The media themselves have long turned into a kind of business where the political order dictates the appearance of "Research" material and performer in the pursuit of its "ruble" is forced to fit the facts under their employer's wishes. Typically, these materials have several distinctive articles: they are clearly pronounced populist, rather than the facts they are given ready-made "recipes" happy life, there is always a culprit for all troubles.

And lastly, as a rule, lays a standard "scare" that if you do not follow "Recommendations" of publications, the response will be followed by an inevitable "car heaven" as a "hunger riot", "uprising of terrorists," "Tsunami," "plague." Well, for the most extreme case of "aliens" punish "disobedient." Uzbekistan and his people in this regard was "lucky" as far more than any other country in the region. The state policy, based on the priorities of its own national interests, can hardly fit into the paradigm of international relations and especially foreign public consciousness, where at the forefront are the same national interest, but other foreign governments and political circles. With this you can not argue, and certainly not oprovergnesh. Interestingly another uncompromising people who are ready from day to sweat to carry out "Martyshkino work" at all thinking about the vanity of his own efforts and caring little about the moral side classes called slander.

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