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One of the most effective and safest ways of promotion of Internet resources is the distribution of advertisements on the boards, forums, blogs, guestbooks, ratings, directories, etc. In a previous article we looked at especially literacy and accurate compilation of advertisements for mailing. Now the question arises: "Where are we sending?" In the beginning all enjoy free database of sites from a set list of programs, but we go the other way! The fact is that much greater benefit, in contrast to the indiscriminate spam, brings the distribution of thematic resources. The question of where to get the same thematic framework? Some companies offer to buy them ready-made base, but we make such a database themselves. This will allow maximum flexibility and selectively be base on any topic of interest to us. To compile the base to write a simple program from the language of php. I hope you know what it is. The meaning of script writing and generally gathering base is as follows: we define a thematic search engine query and parses the output of a search engine, there only links to resources of interest to us.

Usually we are limited to 10-100 links on one page issue, so we'll collect them in a loop. The program consists of a script function that parses the issuance and printing on the screen of the results and call this function to check performance. Below is the text of the program. The function is designed for three major search engines in the world. It's Google, Yahoo, msn. Someone scratched the query language Yandex and finalize function for working with the most popular Russian search engine, please send me your achievements, I will be glad to productive cooperation. I used these three popular systems because of the fairly simple and documented a query language for them. In addition to the service description. In the next article we will review the software market, dedicated to advertising, optimization, promotion and promotion of sites in the Russian segment of the Internet.

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