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Nile River

Most of the land of Egypt is almost uninhabited desert plateau of less than 10% – delta and valley of the Nile River. If you plan to spend your vacation in Egypt, a large selection of hot tours will do it at the best prices. Discounted tours in Egypt are very popular among tourists, as year-round there is a warm mild climate. Any travel agency will pick up for you a burning permit in Egypt, and modern and comfortable hotels in Egypt's guarantee of European class experiences make on You fauna and flora of the Red Sea. Coral reefs of the Red Sea renowned for its bright, varied wildlife.

Among the colorful soft and hard corals can be seen various invertebrates: crabs, shrimp, sea urchins, nudibranchs, starfish, octopus. At the bottom are visible tridakny with bright robes of different colors: emerald green, blue, violet. Here dwells a lot of tropical fish: fish, butterfly, fish, surgeonfish, kabuby, angelfish, clown fish, trigger fish and parrotfish. As the water slowly drifting huge napoleon and groupers, moray eels hide among the rocks. In sheer walls reefs occur pelagic fish – sharks, barracudas, karanksy. Total in the Red Sea are home to over 400 species of fish.

In addition to the animals, characteristic for the entire Indo-Pacific, Red Sea, there are species found only here, the so-called endemic species – share them to all kinds of Red Sea fish 30%, and in some families of fish up to 90%. In the Red Sea meet dolphins and sea turtles. Buying a last-minute trips to Egypt, it is necessary to know what country they say in the Egyptian dialect of Arabic. The official language is the so-called 'high' Arabic, which belongs to the Afro-Asiatic group of languages. Arabs write from right to left. But the numbers are written and read from left to right. With the majority of Egyptians in the cities can not Labour to explain in English that is taught in school. A lot of people know as the French language. The hotel staff are usually says the same in Russian, Italian and German. Unique image of cities in Egypt, warm water Mediterranean and Red seas, a unique underwater world, teeming with exotic fish, environmentally friendly recreation areas, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, various oriental cuisine create the conditions necessary for your living in this country.

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