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New and Old Customers

Introduction In analyzing the sales very often there is a desire and need to know who is more money brings to the enterprise – new customers or those who buy the time (for the sake of brevity they are called "old" customers) from the point methods of analysis of sales this is one way of segmenting the client base. We briefly recall what the "segmentation of client base." This division of the entire group of clients at some of the subgroups, segments of certain common characteristics. For example, we can get a general list of our customers and to divide it into two parts: one will get new customers to the other – the "old". Why? – This is actually one of the most important issues who are interested in virtually any enterprise. On the one hand, this ratio is taken into account in those cases where it is necessary to increase the customer base. Who are not familiar situations where the company's management puts task: to increase speed.

But by what? – The first thing that comes to mind – at the expense of finding new customers. And then the more sought after new customers. For their involvement may even set individual premiums and bonuses. But on the other hand, the pursuit of new clients can give nasty surprises. There is a general law, and it consists in the fact that the bulk of the revenue brought regular customers. And if they are neglected, it is possible to fly into trouble. In Specifically, in the practice of CRM reveals that attract a new customer is several times more expensive than keeping the old one.

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