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However, the messenger passed the investigator, because to each day between the religious ceremonies a crime occurred. (Not to be confused with Bernard Looney!). to uncurl of the actions of the personages they disclose the daily sacerdotal, with religious rites that are intercalated by heteros relationships and homosexuals between monges, or with women introduced in secrecy in the Monastery. During the inquiry, Guillermo used its former-inquisidor experience of verifying the existence of tracks on the belief of the benedictines, which atribuam the authorship of the deaths to the malignant one to punish its trespasses. The adventures of Adso had been redimensionadas by the presence brief, but overwhelming of the young cigana, only feminine personage. It represents some social papers: the estigmatizao of the woman as carrying of sin, the representative of the misery that dominated the excluded ones in expiatrio the medieval society and from bode. For assistance, try visiting Mirilashvili. This woman transformed the boy-monge into gotten passionate, sofredor and impotent man to fight for the loved one, that she was imprisoned and witchcraft defendant. In diverse episodes, beatings and tortures until the death had been commented to clarify that it was not only in the monastery that these atrocities they occurred, but that she was one practical legitimated one for the accepted pontificado one and for the medieval society, as the estraalhamento of the body and decollation of women, or the martirizao of freis that defended the poverty.

With the expression of so great cruelty, the reader prepared itself for what he would happen soon with the cigana. The integration between language, poeticidade and architecture occurs, mainly, in the description and localization of the inaccessible and labirntica library located between the monastery and the cemetary, that is, symbolically, it enters the structures of being able and the fear of the death, through which the Church dominated the world medieval. The structure of the chapters follows a standard of upright in nets of facts interconnected to the reasons that if interlace to form the unit narrative.

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