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Market Guide Basic

You have a business idea, we must take those ideas to concrete actions.On the way, will surely leave doubts, questions, we will realize that the information is the constant tool that helps us to carry out our objective. In this process of research, collect and analyse the necessary information in order to know the market and our product, we will be conducting a market research that provide the formula for the success of our business. This IM, we will help to make decisions, identify and solve problems. This roadmap that it is presented below, it lists the main elements that must contain an IM, sources suggested for consultation, and the steps to be followed for this purpose. Elements of the IM. * Knowledge of your product or service.Needs that satisfies.Identification of competitive advantage.Monitor the activities of competition on items such as: price, quality, design, promotion. * Knowledge of your market.Identification of the market, size, location, buying habits and Motivacion.como products are distributed.

Looking for sources of information. Once identified the elements of research, i.e. data which will help me to obtain information relevant to the identification of problems, strategies and decision-making. It is possible to divide my sources into primary and secondary. Primarias.Estos are the direct data that I get when performing this IM. * interviews * surveys * observation field directa.*investigacion. Secundarias.Aquellos data that already exist and are used as query.

* Internet * magazines * books * studies (universities, research institutions) * publications to federal, State, and local level. Provided by Government (Chambers of Commerce, secretariats) agencies using these sources, can combine quantitative and qualitative research. The importance lies in obtaining the necessary information about your product and market. Information-gathering tools, can be performed on the basis of record sheets, questionnaires. In terms of analysis, there is the development or search for statistics, comparative tables.

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