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Mari Angels

Approaching the date magical for children, three kings day always has been the day of the illusion par excellence for the majority of children, see their faces as they discover the gifts priceless, but we know that Yes, it costs money, that is why this year instead of resorting to the usual gifts of toys, we have chosen to give to the children of the family things that are useful to themhis parents, our friends and brothers, surely so appreciate us. The nephews are still small, which even we could benefit from multiple bids offers the Cuc, also had the experience of having worked with them when born our niece Mari Angels and on that occasion made a list of birth which we did very well to the family, could remember what gifts did each and having a delivery and Assembly service. The list offers us was an opportunity to give multiple add-ins which in principle were not strictly necessary, but at the moment they could be the gift that was completing any small need, since the safety seat approved to a simple toiletry bag, solar, furniture protectors at a very good price, had trouble deciding. I consulted with my sister who was what was most needed and the list was very wide, at the end we were what most would solve it was a comfortable, the volume of clothes grew and was becoming more complicated to have site where to save it. I spoke with my brothers and told them the idea, they also seemed, in some ways, took them the concern of having to find, everyone agreed that I would charge me gift and we agreed a budget. I was looking at the web page of the Cuc different models of comfortable who had, the kind of lacquered, colors, types of knobs, in the end there was a very large range of options, at the end I had to go back to consult with my sister, what measures could have the furniture? A week earlier had all resolved, finally opted for a comfortable two doors with panels of fiber and lacquered in white, with a very large internal distribution; my niece doesn’t even know but surely coexist with this comfortable many years..

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