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Legislative General

The creation of institutions of I credit would not have utility only for these proprietors whom they desired I acquired lands in the region or to develop the plantation. In the context of creation of the Colonial Nuclei these houses of agricultural credit would be of basic importance for the growth of the farming in these nuclei, a time that, were of these deserving houses that the colonists would have to remove part of its investments to develop the agricultural activity in its lots. The proposal was of that in the Nucleus of Benevides the expenses with the acquisition of maquinrios, tools of work, acquisition of seeds and cleannesses of lands, would have to be assumed by the colonists who, for the provincial authorities, would search in the financial institutions the financing to defray these expenditures. Although it was of responsibility of the presidency of Par the guarantee of the materials to be used in the plantios, the sending of these materials had limit of stated periods. As information of the government of Par any material of agricultural use was granted through loans for a stated period of six months or until the first harvest. With the end of this period they were suspended its supply and initiate the collection of what it are supplied to each colonist, when they would have a period five year to reimburse the safes provincial. To the presidency of the Province with the suspension of the supply on the part of the provincial government any investment it would pass to be financed by the White of Aid to the Farming. 4 Manoel Buarque de Macedo in report of the Ministry of presented the Legislative General meeting, dated Agriculture of 1879, prope the creation of other measures, beyond the implantation of financial institution for the farming. According to Minister ‘ ‘ he is not alone of credit, however, that the farming carece’ ‘.

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