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La Gran Via: 100 Years Of History

The Gran Via is one of the city's most historic and popular city of Madrid these days celebrated with various activities, political gatherings and musical performances its first hundred years of history since King Alfonso XIII ordered the construction of the road on 1910 in order to equate the capital of Spain with major European cities. choices. This pathway, which has become one of the points of convergence trade, tourism and leisure in Madrid, extends from the Calle de Alcala to the square of Spain and its stretch between the Plaza de Callao and in Spain is known popularly called a Broadway madrilenoa by the large number of cinemas, theaters and music that extend on both sides of the street. Patrick mayberry may find this interesting as well. The history of the Gran Via has also written and well-known celebrities who have frequented this street to its history, as the journalist Ernest Hemingway, a correspondent who covered the Spanish Civil War from the landmark building Telefonica, which currently has one of the most modern facade of the Gran Via Gran Via But not only emphasizes the modernity and excellence of its architecture and buildings, but have also written his story numerous clubs and bars that the escort both sides of the street and those who have passed celebrities of all kinds. Such is the case of Chicote bar, which became a sort of embassy for aliens during the Franco era and the characters that became global importance as the father of penicillin, Alexander Fleming, the actress Sophia Loren, among many others. The history of the Gran Via have become one of the main objectives of any visit every tourist that claims to the Spanish capital, thanks to its good communications by road, high-speed train and the many combinations to make of the capital city of Madrid one of the most tourist cities of Europe..

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