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IQ Professional Institute

IT was IQ with the participation of scientists of from various universities, developed and validated Hurth, February 28, 2012 – the world’s first professionally-oriented intelligence test IQ professionals has developed Institute for the science with the participation of scientists of from various universities. The IT IQ methodology is based on the traditional intelligence tests and is in particular intended to improve the qualitative selection of applicants for new hires. Otherwise as knowledge tests, in which learned facts are queried, he analyzed the individual technical intelligence profile. Enough for the increasingly complicated needs of the information technology no longer only technical knowledge and experiences, but, for example, problem-solving abilities and abstract thinking are at least as important. These specific qualities of intelligence could not compete so far”, explained Marc Warmbier, strategy consultant of the IQ professionals Institute, the development of the IT IQ. Technical solutions are always first and foremost the result of Therefore such employees have becoming increasingly important also thinking work of people over their knowledge profile very pronounced thinking qualities, generally referred to with intelligence.” The participation at the IQ-test IT is done online and takes about one and a half hours. The result in an IQ value is represented as with traditional intelligence tests.

The controlled variable is defined with 100, positive or negative deviations about or including. Also participants via the portal will receive a differentiated evaluation of their IT professional intelligence profile, so that they can gain insight into their personal strengths and weaknesses. It is envisaged that participation takes place immediately after delivery of the application documents and the company can make a targeted quality selection. Thus for the human resources departments at the same time the effort in the selection process significantly reduces. With the IT IQ companies get a new instrument for the recruiting of the hand to a better quality at to get the selection of employees”Warmbier explains the benefits.

So far they had thereby confined to specialist and personality tests, the instruments were missing but for an assessment of the technical potential of intelligence.” About the IQ Professional Institute of the IQ professionals Institute is dedicated to the scientific development of methods for the comprehensive analysis of professional skills. These include in particular instruments for determining the technical intelligence profile, thus going beyond the conventional assessment of knowledge. Scientists of from various universities are involved in the development of these methods.

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