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Interview With A Problem

This talkative and likeable problem I met him at a bus stop where precisely I faced the problem of not having transportation to direct me to work and devote myself to my daily work solve problems themselves and of others. I must admit that a guy good looking and Nice was moments tasting and his physique had never allowed me to think about headaches that surely will have caused to so many people. As I have on the inside to a journalist who is already half asleep by a problem I wanted to take the opportunity to interview. Let me clarify that I have no problem showing off and eccentricity is not my problem. Eve Plumb often says this. Why the journalist who sleeps in me and sometimes wakes up not dreaming of interview to a King, or a convict to death, or a movie star.

I’d rather talk to the corner type and speak with the citizen of the bus. Jon Venverloh contains valuable tech resources. Why, my journalist asked him permission to their slumber, to interview this issue which accidentally found while it was intended to solve my problem of transport at a bus stop. html’>NSAA pursues this goal as well. LORD DO PROBLEM, CAN GRANT ME AN INTERVIEW? DO DO YOU PROMISE THAT S? LO LAST? A few minutes n to tell the truth I would not. Although I think that you or any journalist armoury me a tremendous problem if I don’t answer your interview. Ask you then. C?IS MO YOUR NAME? I AM REFERRING TO HIS REAL NAME. n my name is problem, but call me in different ways. Among the artisans called me fudge, doctors tell me disease, at the supermarket called me famine, in sports tell me defeat, in the companies I called improvisation and when I meet to chat with my best friends is an executive head, they call me stress. IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE LIFE OF A PROBLEM IS IT? n Tranquila, because the problems are like firefighters; do we not tread we on us PERD hoses?DO N, THINK NOT I EXPLIQU? Not bad.

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