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Today, we are of the lighters Zippo Tell. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with KBS. 'Zippo' history started in 1932, it was in that year was born the first petrol lighter. Learn more about this with Sam Feldman. George Grant Blaisdell (George Grant Bleysdell) copied and improved on the Austrian lighter, which he imported into the United States. A Zippo lighters are obliged to name an ordinary lightning (in English Zipper), that's when the lightning was invented by George and Bleysdellu liked this sonorous name. He even wanted to give his or invention – the 'Zipper', but unfortunately this name has already been patented. Zippo lighters are first issued were worth only $ 1.95! Today, the most inexpensive models are lighter Zippo in stores from $ 15. George did not died out to a lighter on wind, and has worked in all weathers! Open and light classical form Zippo can with one hand. Blaisdell was a beautiful idea to give each issued a lighter permanent guarantee.

This warranty is valid in our time, and sounds it: 'Or your lighter works, or we will repair it for free'! In the world there are many collectors, fan clubs Zippo and there's even a museum in the United States! A corporation Zippo Manufacturing Company (address is: Bradford Pennsylvania, USA) every year, supporters happy by releasing new and new models of the lighters – to date, produced a little less than 500 million Zippo lighters! The most expensive of the manufactured cigarette lighters today, it is model, made of gold of 750 tests (it costs thousands of dollars from 4000!). The biggest sum paid for the lighter Zippo – 37 000 dollars. Cost so much a collector well conserved model 1933 release. Zippo Lighters And Steel heroes of many feature films – they appear on the screen in thousands of movies! Heroes of such films as "Die Hard," "Pulp Fiction," "Dogma," "Reservoir Dogs", "Curse", "Constantine: ruler of darkness" are them on the screen!

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