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Horizontal Cables

After meet all these requirements is drawn up on the hidden work, and allowed wiring. Requirements for cable installations. Completed construction of cable structures (tunnels, reservoirs, canals and etc.) should be before the laying of cables made by the joint act of wiring the organization and the area of iss, after the date of the operating organization. When accepting the construction project to verify compliance. Metal cable support structures shall be installed at a distance of 0.8-1m from each other on a horizontal straight sections. In places the route turns of the distance between the designs chosen for the place based on the allowable bend radius of cables, but no more than straights.

Distance between shelves vertically in a light should be not less than 200 mm. For passage of cables through partitions, walls and ceilings should be established connections of nonflammable pipes. Immediately before the laying of cables in cable structures representatives of district operating a technical oversight, examine the readiness course for the laying of cables: -Mount clamped to the pipe wall, the diameter of the tubes and their correspondence to the project marks the cable-mount structures (racks, shelves) and the distance between the horizontal and vertical metal-paint (especially in field welding), no water leaks and water in the pits, serviceability, and availability of electrical lamps (if necessary to install additional cornering lights), no foreign objects around the track, -Alignment of the entire route of linear and angular spots (the angle clips must be attached). After performing the above requirements shall be drawn to the hidden work and an acceptance facility for assembly of cables and allowed wiring.

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