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Harris Tweed Fabric – What He Has?

Harris Tweed from Scotland are famous for your quality. No pleasant seasons are autumn and winter, they are characterized by cold and wet days. We all are looking for means to make more like in the summer or spring days and nights. Harris Tweed is one that can help us this time. Harris Tweed fabric is popular these days not only in Scotland and Ireland. He is known all over the world and loved. Traditional Harris Tweed is a crafted woven fabric made of sheep wool and is characterized by subtle Farbfleckchen, caused by the use of yarns dyed with different vegetable dyes. The Harris has named Tweed fabric on the one hand by the River Tweed, through flows the textile region of southern Scotland.

A London merchant had misinterpreted a letter around the year 1830. The Harris Tweed fabric is made in the islands of the Outer Hebrides, located off the North West coast of Scotland. Comes from the southern part of the largest, Lewis and Harris, the other part of the official brand name. But This is actually a Fehlbennenung, because is the center of production in Stornoway in the north part of the island. The name however remained, not least because he has become a trademark for excellent quality.

Its wide area of application, ranging from the well-known and widespread tweed jacket to Nike shoes, has made to one of the most popular luxury materials Harris Tweed fabric. Can be found today even Tweed ties. In the beginning was much down-to-Earth. The first industrial production began in 1846, promoted by the Countess of Dunmore. Let the local weavers make Harris Tweed fabric in the pattern of the traditional family tartans. First the warm and hard-wearing fabric was mainly used to produce clothing for the hunters hired by Dunmore and Forester. Middle of the 19th century an expansion beyond the local market began with the industrial revolution and the mechanization. Nevertheless the Harris is Tweed fabric continues to produce handmade. Since 1909 the hand work and production on the Outer Hebrides, even an official part of the definition of Harris Tweed fabric. As a result he settles by other traditional Scottish fabrics. Finally in 1966, production reached its peak with an annual production of 7.6 million running metres. Then dropped the production of Harris Tweed fabric the residual materials production in Europe. The the Harris has still kept Tweed, is located on its special qualities and by the fact that he is long protected as trademarks. Today, the famous Harris Tweed jackets are fabric with serial number and certificate of authenticity which sells Harris Tweed Association. Used in several Nike running shoes in the 1980′ which a Harris Tweed fabric, he experienced years Renaissance. The Tweed was a popular fashion fabric, decades as he has won more victories especially in recent years: in the Interior of Glasgow’s five-star hotel Blythswood square fabric has been worked as Harris Tweed as on the luxury liner Queen Mary 2.

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