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Golden City

Classic, modern and timeless directly against the banks of the Vltava River one of the oldest cities of in Central Europe is located. The to the world heritage Prague effortlessly combines past and present and is therefore a true tourist attraction for years. Information about the many benefits and accommodation before traveling the choice of suitable hotels plays an important role. The Prague Hotel landscape is very diverse and relatively expensive for an Eastern European capital. Accommodation in Prague are located, not necessarily expensive, although central and beautiful. So, it is worth to compare prices, as the one or the other bargains can be. The advantages of Prague are varied.

Surrounded by two mountains of the castle the city mainly from above provides an impressive backdrop. So, visitors should be sure to climb the many stairs of St. Vitus Cathedral or the historic town hall. The subsequent view compensated for the effort. The famous Charles Bridge from the 14th century is the link between old and new dar.

Decorated with many statues and sculptures is the landmark of Prague. While the old town is home to many historic buildings, districts and attractions, the new town offers plenty of shopping opportunities. The so-called Wenceslas square is the municipal centre. Also invite numerous restaurants and cafes to relax. So, the buzz in the city can be studied just a real Czech beer – often even for the ridiculously low price for a euro. Connoisseurs appreciate then a visit to a spa in the Czech Republic on a cultural city trip. More information: book /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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