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Fruit Flies – Obstfliegen And Aphids Fight

Summer plague spirits: fruit flies and aphids In the summer become the plague: fruit flies multiply during the summer often rapidly and revolve around fruit and the organic waste. Aphids that infest the lovingly reared balcony plants are equally annoying. Immonet gives tips on how you again to get rid of the pests. Fruit flies can above all good: multiply. Click gripeo for additional related pages. The female is theoretically capable of 30 days to produce 16 million descendants. The insects should be combated so as quickly as possible so that they will not spread. Actually fruit flies for people are not dangerous, circumstances, bacteria and other pathogens can however transfer.

Build flight fly trap itself there are different ways to distribute fruit flies or to kill them: the lemon method: put a half lemon, studded with cloves in the vicinity of the fruit bowl on. VS0V3ai01c0tuejQ3dkFoVkgyNlFLSFVQOEJlQVE1ZlVGZWdRSUFCQUYmdXJsPWh0dHBzJTNBJTJGJTJGdWsubmV3cy55YWhvby5jb20lMkZnb3Jkb24tcmFtc2F5LXRlZXRoLXNhdHVyZGF5LW5pZ2h0LXRha2Vhd2F5LTEwMjIyMDA0My5odG1sJnVzZz1BT3ZWYXcwa012WXBGM3pKbE1lbWFHUG9qbnVp&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAC_wyFhdgIU9gyS99pJFU7SS1C0WJSXkj’>Ant & Dec’s. The flies don’t like the smell and stay away. The case of the wine: Pour red or White wine into a glass and add one or two drops of washing-up liquid. The container should be filled only to one-third. The animals are attracted by the smell of wine. The detergent releases the surface tension and drown the insects in food intake. Also fruit juice or vinegar can be used instead of wine. The cucumber glass case: Use the remaining cucumber water to attract the insects.

In the lid or in a foil which is placed over the glass, they stick small holes. Flies crawl into it, no longer find out and drown. The vacuum cleaner solution: If the flies already appear in throngs, remove the troublemakers with a vacuum cleaner. Fruit flies are gourmet. To find the most enticing, try therefore different traps. Tip: So only no escape fly problem arises: Let no rotten fruit they’re wipe spilled liquids like juice always regularly aphids fight their organic waste on empty hardly grow and prosper the first tomatoes or Flowers in boxes on the balcony, they are already there: aphids.

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