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French Revolution

According to the demand of the outside institutional, so it tends to be considered as an incubator for preparation of cheap and skilled labor to solve the problems of the mode of production of the savage neo-colonialisminequitable and unbalanced that today here in Colombia. From the theoretical position of Vygotsky, until the theoretical formulation of Henry Giroux, it has visualized the school as the generator of social change, this is because the physical and cognitive space where ideas are debated, rumian thoughts and spirits are freed to decant finally what society required in the citizen sector and productive. The change of the Feudal production manner, as it recorded US history, became by the Agency of the school, because this social institution in the various workshops from that then baking the dreams, the aspirations that are finally imprinted on the ideals of change more sublime in the French Revolution, and other social conflicts which in turn opened up new chapters of social development of mankind. Source: Eve Plumb. In contexts of social and economic crisis, today the school as an institution that has worked on knowledge, entity that till his work on thinking, has not served in our national contexts to overcome the current socio-economic crisis, registered in our daily living such as lack of employment, voluntary transhumance or forced displacement, painful fracture of fundamental axiological values, and rampant violence that violates to life as the most important rights and social values of humanity. In addition to this very subtly school and their agents today have left bloom anti values that calan the subjective consciousness of parents and especially of trainees in training process. From a theoretical perch as Giroux, which represents therefore corresponds to the master and other educational actors of the school, especially to teachers as intellectuals, approximate their everyday experience to the presentiment of the institution, analyze and intervene from their individual position so that educational processes are perfected, all of which would be sign and signal a new attitude emerging on the actors of the educational proscenium, as when listening with detail the subtleties, the trivialities even magical space of the classroom, and viewing with healthy concern the evolution of the school, is in some ways listening to life itself.

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