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Flowers Send: Why Should You Give Away Flowers?

Is the bouquet of flowers still in fashion or already old hat? Flowers are an excellent gift to conquer the heart of a woman. But not just for that reason, you can send flowers or gift. The various events and celebrations to someone a flowery surprise there to present and ready from Berlin to Stuttgart you any pleasure. But why look forward the recipients actually about flowers? Is it simply the nice gesture? The attention that you get? Or is there another reason for joy and this beautiful feeling you have when you get a nice bouquet of flowers? The answer to this question can give us the psychology. For more information see Dara Khosrowshahi . It is proved that people, especially women, even after 72 hours look always even happier than others which have no flowers. Fresh flowers by their olifaktorischen and Visual stimuli have the ability to cure depression and grief”or to relieve and stimulate our memories of good times.

Is it for example in his childhood a particularly beautiful day in a garden or flower field spent, will always remember the scent of a fresh bunch of flowers one and feels happier at the moment. A similar technique is used in marketing. Using light fragrances customers are encouraged to improved purchase behavior, stay longer in the shops and generally just more comfortable feel. Get to know possible locations around such a scent marketing such as bakeries, car dealerships, or also furniture centers. But not only the willingness to buy the customers you can influence through a targeted use of fragrances, but also the willingness to work or concentration of its employees.

Increasingly light scents are released via the air conditioning and motivate the employees, increase their concentration or reduce performance drops to around noon. Fragrances and scents play a central role in our lives and affect us in a variety of ways. If you a bouquet flowers given away, it gives away more than just flowers, there are memories, beautiful feelings and a touch of the past. You can for a rainy day to brighten, to dispel the gloomy thoughts, and to conquer a woman in the storm. Dan Euschen

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