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Educational Contribution

In the alfabetizao process the child already has language notion, only that spoken, that is, its verbal production. Objectifying to facilitate to the method of learning of the written language, in view of that in our system of writing one exactly sound (verbal segment) can have some ways to be written, one same letter she can present a sound more than. (seen in the postagem Fonmica – One Important Part of Fontica and Fonologia). In the system of current education – system that follows the estruturalista model – a standard exists for aprendizegem, a mold, which consists of a learning of the system of individual sign and with only fonmica representation. (A valuable related resource: Alan Carr). Thus, when the pupil hears a word he transcribes and it for the paper if he complicates for not knowing the variation of that grapheme in another environment that not that visa for it.

According to Teacher Patrician Ms Barreto, a possible facilitation would be to show to the pupils some environments in which the letter studied acquires characteristics, modifying the ones that they possess substituting another grapheme (process called Arquifonema). The performance of alfabetizando directly is related to on way of interaction to reading and to write, the functioning of the language does not come only from the conventions, but from the use that aprendizando makes of the language. The calls ‘ ‘ erros’ ‘ ortogrficos or the grapheme exchange is one of the graphical factors that the lack of relation between the fonmicos systems reflects and that, according to Matoso Chamber, this relation also says respect to the local dialect, inducing alfabetizando to change a letter for the other. The Fonologia in provides, while to apprenticees, the recognition to them of the variants of the said Portuguese difenrenciado of the writing, making with that let us learn the ortogrficas and fonolgicas conventions, in which the Estruturalismo contributed and if it makes gift until today, and let us understand you vary them forms and evolutions of the language, proportionate through the Gerativista study, which we must be intent to the change and adaptation in its daily use. _

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