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Economic Crisis – It Depends On You Even From

Subject: economic crisis – so much to do, so it depends on yourself, whether you want to use the new year as a brake or engine. A man lived a story on the economic situation in a big American city. He earned his living by selling hot dogs. His ears were not good, that’s why he never heard radio. His eyes were also everything else as well, so he read no newspapers and looked not far away.

He had other strengths! One of them was: he made a unique and outstanding hot dogs, which he sold on the roadside of a well travelled road. This spread quickly at the commuters and in addition to boost its business, our man himself come up with quite a few things. He was for example already. Several 100 m before his Hot Dog stand on daily unusual signs that drew attention to the people on his hot dogs. Business was excellent.

More and more people bought hot dogs with him. According to patrick dwyer denver, who has experience with these questions. He needed more and more sausage, and soon he had to buy a bigger Hot Dog stand. The demand for its hot dogs every day, so it was inevitable, he needed an Assistant. He asked his son, who studied at the University: my son, the business runs so well, that it is time to expand the hot dogs. “You want to earn along the way a few dollars and supported me in the sale of hot dogs?” When heard the son of his father’s plans, he beat the hands over the head and cried: “father you listen because no radio? Not far away are you looking at? We are in a huge economic crisis, we have a huge recession! Many people lose their jobs, who had money, it lost on the stock market, the banks run out of money, not even the savings are safe and you want to expand? “The father said to himself:” my son studied, he goes to the University. He reads newspapers, he listens to the radio, he watches TV he must know. “Now our man less sausages bought a reduced its advertising signs at the roadside and saved himself the effort, his” Hot great praise to dogs. Why seek if the economy is so bad? In fact, sales declined noticeably fast and he said to himself: I’m glad that I have a so smart son. “Within a very short time, his business collapsed. And the father said to his son: “you were right. We are really in a huge economic crisis. “Thoughts are seeds that will spread and multiply the reversal, no matter in which direction, starts between the ears in the head. At the elite level is has long been clear, not the material decide about win or play, it is the mental area! Not otherwise it behaves at work and in everyday life. The more the mental area of people trained and trained, he recognizes the more alternatives, opportunities and possibilities. Mental training is the performance, success management and stress management. Avoid destructive patterns of thinking

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