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E-commerce: From The Stationary To The Virtual Trade

The rising potential of e-commerce is increasingly being perceived. More and more sellers with steady trade discover the Internet market for yourself and your company. It comes on fast and cost-effective way to reach many people also nationally! But this market in the future will be really promising as suspects? Not only large online portals like or have recognized the booming Internet market for yourself and your company. Smaller retailers increasingly venture into the Internet business. Firstly, there is the possibility to distribute its products through sales platforms like and on the other hand, simply open to operate online stores through integrated content management systems (like E.g. Magento) new opportunities so that Internet novice business people operate their online shop itself and products of the broad masses of the Internet can offer. Statistics bear witness to the confidence in the positive development of the Internet in increasing sales opportunities and an increase in the e-commerce.

After a release of statistics 2010, the online to offline trade developed rapidly and only a few of the respondents believe in a shrinkage of the Internet market as a sales medium. But why so little is known about this enormous potential spoken in the media? At the turn of the Millennium, this market was overvalued and has led to a profound crisis in the Western world. Is maybe that the reason why is nobody really dares to name the potential name and thus to get the e-commerce merchants? Considering Internet as a sales platform, the last 5 years the potential in the next five years is fast one consciously. It is important to get now, so that it is not only represented in the Internet (concerning Findability in search engines) in the most likely next phase, but has already established itself on the market. So, the demand on the part of customers to online shops with content management increasing systems such as Magento, so the Internet Agency JamOnMedia GmbH Managing Director Schollkopf of Tim. Currently, we are expanding our resources to professionals who specialize in the creation and programming of online stores and would thus demand can and also operate. Inquiries through our contact form integrated in the website relate to approximately 80% on the creation of an online shop, which represents an impressive proportion,”so Mr.

Schollkopf. Also the distributor of automatic air fresheners with matching fragrances spring air Germany sees opportunities in the online sale of its products and was in the last few months strongly strives to offer its products in the future not only on, but also have your own online shop, which is designed to provide even more information and service the customer. Shortly after the opening of numerous orders through our own online shop received us and we will be further efforts to locate it better and also in relation to the offer to expand,”so Bernd Krause of the online shop operator. Andreas Reich

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