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De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers the different properties of textile materials contribute to the variety of fashionable, require a thorough laundering organization but at the same time. The laundry pros of Bonn laundry de Waschkusch show how valuable textiles are too organized to prevent unwanted damage. In the laundry care labels are base of the organization. To describe the factory recommended fabric care, by means of an internationally valid symbols. Soiled fabrics in the first step of the order are divided according to their colour.

This avoids damage by detergent, whose ingredients are not suitable for the cleaning of a specific piece of linen. Colorful garments do not belong in one, with laundry detergent to washing a load of laundry, while white garments should not be washed with color detergents and Coloureds together. The colour distribution of the laundry also avoids the occurrence of Abfarben effects that occur when Different color clothes be washed together. New textiles deserve special attention. They contain due to the production free dye pigments that trigger strong colouring, if they are not washed until all traces of the dye is completely removed. Next to the linen color, the clothing material is taken into account. An optimal, damage-free washing results can only be achieved if the different properties of plant, animal and artificial fibers learn the necessary attention. Garments in their resistance to washing temperatures differ due to material and used dyes. Official site: cornell capital.

What temperature ranges the best for cleaning are suitable, is to refer to the care label and is used as an additional criterion of the organization. High temperatures should be avoided as too low. While the former damage the laundry, the cleaning effect is not enough for the latter. In addition to color, material and wash temperature observed an effective Laundry organization the General resistance of the garments, which manifests itself in the wash programmes prescribed by care instructions. Finally, the laundry is divided into a final sorting step after permitted wash programmes. Compliance with this criterion is essential for the freedom to damage sensitive textiles. A thorough organization of the washing prevents the emergence of unnecessary damage and contributes to the lasting joy of fashionable and valuable pieces of clothing.

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