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Continuing Education Offerings

The appropriate psychomotor training find in-service psychomotor education or study. Looking after the appropriate psychomotor ramming training on various options and models. Psychomotor skills and games introduces some psychomotor training opportunities. A psychomotor training offered as professional or course-related training, as well as direct study. The “German Academy for psychomotor’ (dakp) and the Institute for movement education and psychomotricity (i ‘b’ p) offer in-service qualifications in relation to psychomotor skills.

The ‘dakp’ completed it 180 lessons and occupied four different courses. To get an overview of this training, you can visit an introductory course in advance and then decide whether this is the appropriate psychomotor training. The participation in this training requires a completed vocational training. But also pupils and students in a Fach(Hoch)schulausbildung in the therapeutic or educational area can apply. At the end of the psychomotor training to obtain a certificate titled psycho Motorikerin (dakp).

After this training you can qualifications if you want further psychomotor at the dakp’ complete. The in-service training of the i ‘b’ p is built somewhat differently than the previous one. The training consists of modules. The module 1 forms the basis with a total number of 200 hours. At the end, one receives the certificate, qualification psychomotor ‘. , Each 100 lessons, you can assign further modules 2 (dialogue, relationship, transmission) and 3 (psychomotor therapy). If you successfully completed these modules and has completed a specialist working with Colloquium at the end, to obtain the certificate titled, psycho Motorikerin (i ‘b’ p). Course fees for the two presented here psychomotor training must be financed itself by the participants. The tuition for the module 1 am i ‘b’ p is for example, approx. 1000 euros. A psychomotor training can run while studying. The University Darmstadt offers such a course-related additional qualifications titled, psychomotor skills and sports in social work fields in the Department of social work ‘ on. Parallel to the study of the social education the fundamentals of psychomotor skills and advanced knowledge are trained in 6 semesters each 23 SWS practical, in the form of lectures and seminars, as well as its own projects. At the end of this training, the graduate receives a certificate, which enables him to be psychomotor in social work fields. The University of Marburg offers a master’s degree, cerificate ‘ on. To begin this study, you need a qualified professional degree, for example, a technical degree in social or special education or a university degree on the areas of education and education science, psychology or sports science. The Bachelor of Arts degree, early childhood and Early childhood education ‘ is offered by the University of Heidelberg. This psychomotor training lasts three years and enables graduates to a professional working with children in the pre-primary education. In contrast to the master’s degree, you need no occupation-qualified university degree, only a university entrance qualification for this study. As you can see, there are different ways to complete a psychomotor training. Psychomotor skills and games gives an overview, interested can select the appropriate training for themselves. Kerstin burning

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