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Continental Hockey League

Hi friends! I am glad to welcome you to his new project, which, unlike the "people" will not set a goal: "to embrace the boundless," and, hopefully, confidently and smoothly just will follow the chosen concept. Dwelling among the P2P-TV provided much food for thought. We can not say that the former project was a failure (although many web-art docks, will be, and not without reason, to suggest otherwise). It did not contain any commercial component and was, by and large, long test. Alas, the wait for "from sea weather" was no longer possible, that "hundreds" of unique visitors, which was planned on a daily basis, was "a pipe dream." Go to Domain . Ru, coupled with moderate advertising company, I hope, will help to make a qualitative leap. What awaits you this season? The project, which starts from this day will be dedicated to sports television, as such, of course, TV Internet and big competition that is television shows. First – football.

It is planned to complete coverage of national championships and cups: England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Holland, Scotland, Portugal and Ukraine. In addition, we do not go past the central matches and other competitions. European Cup tournaments, including the 2008 debut evrosensatsii Petersburg "Zenith" in the Champions League. Then – hockey. The full lighting matches the first season of the Continental Hockey League, which starts in September, along with the start we did not go past the League U.S.

and Canada, which is called the National Hockey. In basketball coverage subject to European Cups and the primacy of the NBA. As for other sports, then translating them you will also find on the site. Here, however, will depend on the viewer, as to select the interest of the sport will benefit introduced system VOD (ie, on-demand viewing). The same applies to the Beijing Olympics, the lighting is, in truth, can not know the boundaries, but here's what to look for you, decide for yourself. Thus in addition to broadcast matches live'll take care of duty to inform the audience about the time of their screening in writing, as well as the release of the air analysis and review of programs floodlit tournaments. I wish you and your team a long voyage, and I invite you, my friends, be with us every day and I promise you that running around on the screen "flies" on will not.

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