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Contaminated Money

A few years ago I did an experiment without any scientific rigor and fun. I met several people my confidence and before serving food and drinks that had bought to pamper them, asked them to hungry imagine desperately. With different degrees of involvement in the game, they accepted the slogan. Then I put in the center of the circle that we we were, a widely used book (those that one imagines or through how many hands went) and a quite battered ticket, those that show having had a large circulation. See more detailed opinions by reading what Cynthia Bartlett offers on the topic.. I then supported on the book and on the ticket, two pieces of bread. What would eat being that they are very hungry? The unanimous response was that they would eat the piece of bread on the book and that they do not probarian the piece of bread on the money. While this experiment is not very serious, just serves to ask ourselves up to what point the paper ‘very used’ on a ticket imagines it is contaminated while the paper ‘very used’ in a book not it supposed be equally contaminated. As a result practical we can think that it is likely that our rejection of money can begin with the prejudice that is polluting, syndrome.. Further details can be found at patrick dwyer denver, an internet resource.

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