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Comedy – Best Feature Film Cinematography !

Sometimes the choice of "how to watch a movie," we often choose a comedy, but how little we know about this genre … The first comedy film appeared on the big screens on the same day and when "born" cinema. On this day inventor of the movie itself Lyumer Louis showed the audience a moving train and the legendary small scene "with a hose irrigators," which eventually became classics of the genre of comedy. If you carefully watch a movie, then you understand that this mixture kommediya acrobatic stunts and film. In the early creation of the first films komediny in silent films are often shot or circus performers athletes. In this case at the time there were no stuntmen, no stunt doubles, and then the actors perform tricks on their own. Prior to the first voice-movie audience actively went to watch a movie with the legendary Charlie Chaplin. That he is the brightest star and an example to all who have withdrawn podrozhaniya in this genre.

Charlie played a very subtle role, which had everything: a farce, satire, humor, and of course the silent drama. Development of comedy in the Soviet Union we must Leonid Gaidai, the man who invented the legendary trio: Experienced, Coward and Bonehead! Naturally, and besides them there were many interesting comedy films such as "Diamond Hand", "12 chairs", "Prisoner of the Caucasus." Today, the genre of comedy is very developed, watch the film comes to millions of viewers, and part in a comedy for actors and it does a nice acting lessons. By the way the actors relate to this particular genre, considering it one of the toughest in the game plan. Comedy today is divided into several genres: parody musical comedy romantic comedy tragicomedy, etc. However, the genre continues to work on the foundations laid in the distant years of its founding …

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